ATTN: Deltas Running for Office

In many communities throughout the Southern Region, the 2014 Election of public officials is underway and many members of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. are running for office at the Federal, State, Local and Judicial Levels. The Regional Social Action Committee is compiling a database of sorors who are running and they need your assistance with the collection of this information.

We are asking Sorors running for elected office to fill out the candidate form below.

As always, sorors are reminded of Delta’s prohibition on partisan political activity by chapters; however, sorors are encouraged to actively participate as individuals in political activity. This partisan individual activity can be done by participating in political party activity from the precinct to the national level; volunteer your services (poll judges, poll watcher, speakers’ bureau, canvassing, motor pools, etc.); join or phone local party candidates; and run for office.

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Demand that Georgia Secretary of State Kemp Do His Job

Dear Deltas in Georgia,

I’m writing to ask your help to stop the voter suppression happening in Georgia. To date, Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp has refused to add 51,423 applicants to the voter rolls, many of whom applied as far back as May of this year. With early voting beginning in just 23 days, dragging his feet will result in the full disenfranchisement of these voters.

We learned in the 1960s Civil Rights movement that the whole nation must come together to defend voting rights wherever they are threatened. We simply cannot allow Jim Crow tactics to stand – and its ugly tradition of denying entire populations their right to vote through intimidation and empty claims of voter fraud.
If you agree – say so. Add your name to our demand right now. Click here to sign.

We won’t stop asking:
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